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Dream Chaser


獵夢者 Dream Chaser from Wai Yim WONG on Vimeo.

The 4th June 2004, Tian Jin. 二零零四年六月四日,天津


I was Dean & Professor in a department of digital art media of The National Art Academy of Tianjin in 2004. I met those people when I just arrived there. They're mature students in 1 year course of "oil painting special training". They asked me to produced a short documentary for their graduation show in Beijing. The venue was Beijing Normal University. I put a subtitle: "The 4th June" at the end of the documentary. It was unexpected that my video could be shown in Beijing.
Hereby remember painter Zhou Hai Yi, who helped me a lot when I escaped from Tian Jin. Unfortunately He died in his age of 26, just a night before the opening of his solo exhibition.