Present in Art

A story for a Story

Hosts: Wong Wai Yim, Fish, Florence Ng

Venue: The largest tent at site of Occupy Central under HSBC building, Central

Date: 31/3/2012 (Saturday)

Starting time: 7 pm

It was a wonderful night. We invited guests to bring one true story and Wai Yim exchanged hers, which was of the same nature as theirs. 
Many people shared their stories. We passed together a valuable night. It was a fantastic night! 
I didn't have any correct materials. Thanks to my good friends. They got all professional cameras & sound recorders just before the event!
Everyone has his/her stories. We all want to tell others our stories.

What stories did they bring?
1. The most important thing in their life
For example, The happiest thing / The saddest / The weirdest experience / The thing which their regret most / The worthiest thing / The …
2. Each story last about 10 minutes.

What did actually happen?
When guests and Wai Yim were exchanging stories, there was a typist (Florence Ng) who plays the third person to type their story. 
At the same time, a photographer (Fish) was there videotaping the exchange.

What for?
1. To let everyone release their innermost stories
2. To see how the third person interprets your stories
3. To see how the audience (the fourth person) interpret your stories

Set Director: Fish, Typist: Florence Ng. Cameramen: Alan Yau, Donald, BoBo. Photo: Alan Yau.