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Catch your Breath

Catch your Breath by Philippe Charmes & Sei Ryu Lee.

Philippe Charmes performance, Hong Kong, 2017, presented by Museum of Site Limited (MOST).

This is a performance about singing.

It's easier to remember a long text when you turn it into a song.

It also has more power when you sing, rather than speak.

The French anthem is a war song, it's about killing the enemy, the outsider as "we" are better, more "pure".

All French people knows this song, it is even taught to children.

What is it with national identity that I relate to? A flag? An anthem? A language? A philosophy? The color of my skin? The food I love to eat?

Meanwhile, water doesn't know about skin color, a river runs through the land, it doesn't care about borders. The Oceans are huge, our planet Earth is made of 70% of water.

And yet, water is one of the most precious elements for mankind to survive.

This performance is about the "us" and the "them".

How far can one go to preserve his/her identity?


Catch your Breath from pfelelep on Vimeo.