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Clay Sculpture Courses

Experience making artworks in 3D in a life model class run by professional French artist Philippe Charmes. This fun and practical course is ideal to refresh and concentrate on a job of a completely different nature that will engage both your mind and your body fully. 

You will learn basic sculpture techniques and principles while exploring human anatomy, proportions and space. In this 4-week course in July we will focus on the hands, an extremely complex (did you know that there are 27 bones in each hand?!) and expressive part of the body: they reveal emotions, intentions, stories. Hands are known to artists as a challenge subject to draw. However, by working on them in 3D while closely observing a life model we can better understand the structure and volumes, which will also help us when we capture them in our drawings.

Beginners welcome
All materials provided
Life model
and… free coffee!